Website Maintenance

A website is a web-based portal of any entity like organisation, service provider, retailer etc. to showcase the relevant information. All websites are required to be maintained in order to keep it updated. Some of them are maintained daily while others are maintained periodically. A real value of any website is in the updated information displayed on it.

Website maintenance includes revising and editing the content, changing or altering the web pages, colour themes, set up etc. in order to give a fresh look to it. Addition of web pages after specific period is also a part of website maintenance.

Website maintenance has become a required or “must do” thing nowadays, even if the servers are offering or guarantying 99 % good uptime. It is advisable to check the forms and mail links at least on a weekly basis. Recently, there are many upcoming professionals like Interactive World, who are offering cost effective packages of web site maintenance.

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They take on the work of routine web site maintenance to existing web sites and make the changes as they need or when it is required. It is good to outsource the task of maintenance. Websites are not supposed to be static, even if they are developed as a static HTML website. The actual significance of any website is the ability to maintain recent information or up to date data online, but at reasonable cost. In view of business needs, one is required to change the web pages, add them or revise some of them. To assist you in any form of maintaining your website, we offer several packages of services.

If you do not have confidence in maintaining your website regularly, then you may take assistance of Interactive World. A website maintenance contract normally lasts for one year known as “annual maintenance contract”. However, if one wants to enter into longer period then that’s even better. It is economical too to some extent. The monthly charges are based on the size of website at the time of signing the contract. One may use the maintenance contract to update the online newsletters, highlight different services which are showcased on rotating basis or to promote various programmes, workshops, conferences, meetings etc.

Under the website contract, one is free to make unlimited amount of text revisions to existing pages. This covers redesigning of web pages or adding or deleting or changing any graphics on to it. However, one should note that new pages which are added to the website shall be charged extra money.

Interactive World believes that this maintenance contract and other services under it shall be of competitive advantage in future. This is why; they are committed to a long term relationship and collaborative venture. The Interactive World is not only interested into building applications but also managing them. In this way, their best skills can in real sense complement the business. Website maintenance is today’s need and it is even good that if one outsources it to someone, who is an expert in doing it.