Website Design & Development

No matter if you are a big business or small, you just cannot imagine running a business today without having digital presence. Customers today are very smart and thorough and they do their due check on your offerings through your websites beforehand. While not having a website clearly kills your game at the same time a poorly designed website only brings negative perception. You need to have a website that has a clean design and simple navigation.

We, at Silver-Ties, understand the complete domain of web design and development and we have in us the creativity and expertise to fulfill your web needs. Our work covers projects of all the types and scopes- from personal blogs to ecommerce websites.The primary goal of creating any website is to attract new customers and to convert them into repeating ones.

Website Design & Development Services
Custom Design

The graphic design is what catches the eyes first of somebody who is browsing your website; the content and offers come later. It creates the very important “first impression” and an ugly or unimpressive design can just put off the customer or user. A well-crafted graphic design will not only pump up your web traffic and sales but also bring reputation to you.

We have an award winning talented graphic design team which is recognized at even national level. Our web design and logo team has come up with so many award winning layouts that we can proudly call ourselves an expert in this domain. We can help you with print and layout designs as well as logo design. A logo is associated with the identity of a company. Hence, if you don’t have one or are considering redesigning your logo then come to us for an expert finish.

Responsive HTML

The way we browse internet has completely changed since the introduction of mobiles and tablets for browsing. It is so different from earlier times when the only way to browse internet was to get before your desktop or laptop. Now, the entire landscape is getting more and more tilted towards mobile browsing with each passing day. While this has brought the freedom to the users, the task of website development has become increasingly tedious to accommodate not only to maintain a consistent behavior for all the device types that are used for browsing but also to be graphically adjusting to the different screen-sizes of the devices that are used for browsing. This has brought the web developers to use a technique called Responsive HTML which makes the website work well on all the devices.

Our web development team creates all the websites using responsive HTML. We work on a framework called Bootstrap that has a 12 column grid system through which it renders the webpage upon calculating the screen size of the browsing device and using its grid system to reshape the webpage automatically to best fit the device screen.

At Silver-Ties we love discussing various project needs for your websites. Reach out to us on call or email for a free consultation on your requirements. We will provide you with expert advice on what will suit your project best based on your goals, needs, budget and targeted audience.