Social Media Marketing

If you wonder why your website is not getting the expected traffic even when you have optimized your website for keyword hits on Search Engine Platforms then you are probably missing out on the effect of Social Media engagements on the Search Engine rankings.

Most users in your targeted customer base are highly active on social media on a day-to-day basis; be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit or Pinterest. Their engagements on these social media does not restrict their activity to mere personal or group interactions but also builds a perception about different brands or companies as a consumer and it significantly influences the decision making process of a consumer regarding purchases.

Moreover, the Search Engine giants like Google and Bing have reviewed their ranking algorithms to now reflect the in-news and relevance of any website with the amount of social media buzz those businesses are creating. The more your brand or company trends on social media, the popularity and relevance of your organization is better perceived by these search engines and the higher you feature in Search Engine results.

Social Media Marketing


You may say that search engine now consider social media activities as “trust” signals and are a major factor in their ranking algorithms. As you can see, you no longer can choose to ignore the increasing importance of social media in exposing your website to the world and increase its success. However, social media engagements of an organization is not as straightforward as maintaining an individual’s profile on different social media platforms. The sheer magnitude of tweets, shares, blogs, status messages, posts or discussion threads can be so overwhelming in absence of a definite direction. Without a clear strategy, it will only get chaotic and the overall result will be ineffective. You simply cannot decide how much importance and attention should be given to which social media platform without a carefully analyzed research data. Moreover, the strategy for technical and creative development for each social media platform has different techniques and requirements. You simply cannot put the strategy for Facebook to use for Twitter or any other platform.

The landscape of social media is not static. It is not only changing everyday but also at a pace that will leave you trailing if you cannot foresee the trends and are unprepared for them. Silver Ties Design Studios has a complete bag of social media strategy and marketing as well as optimization solutions to offer that will help you stay at top of the ever-changing landscape of social media. We will guide you and help you chalk out an online strategy for Social Media Marketing that will be customized for your brand requirements and targeted at your existing as well as potential customers. Our Social Media Marketing (SMM) tactics aim at engaging your consumers effectively, boost your incoming traffic and improve your conversion rate. We are committed to ensure that we maximize your ROI.

A well-laid social media strategy has following dimensions to it:

• Online Marketing Strategy

• SEO Strategy

• Content Creation Strategy

• Engagement Strategy

• Conversion Strategy

• Channel Acquisition Tactics

• Allocation of personnel resources

• Campaign Management and Measurement