Search Engine Optimization

Are you looking to get instant credibility for your business and flocks of user that would come with it? If yes, then have you thought of leveraging the advantage of platforms such as search engines that have millions of active users and have very high credibility? Definitely your business will benefit a lot if you can get search engines to work, for your advantage.

Search engines play a very important role today to build an opinion in a customer’s mind about whatever they are looking for. Customers have a high level of trust to the top results returned by the search engines. Do you know that every second Google receives about 34,000 hits? These searches cover all the dimensions ranging from searching a product to checking out the reviews of a particular brand or company to finding business locations and much more. If your brand or company is returned in top results of these searches then you are not only on top of your competitors but also gain the trust of an otherwise unsure customer. On the other hand, if you feature lower in the returned results then you are losing a significant number of potential clients.

Search Engine Optimization


At SILVER TIES, we understand everything about the search engines, how they rank different websites in their search results and we just know our ways around to make your brand feature in top results of search engine queries. We use various Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to place your brand in the results returned by the search engines when a customer is looking for something related to your business on a search engine they trust. Keywords and terms that a user enters as the search query has a very significant role in optimizing the ranking of your webpage in the search results and we can just get you there with our engineered methods for SEO.

Actions speaks louder than words and what would be any better way to show what we can do for you than showing what we are continuously doing with our partners and clients. As a proof of our work quality, one of our client’s web traffic grew from only a 1,000 visits each day to just under 10,000 visits per day –within first three months!

How our SEO process works?

• Extensive market research to find what all keywords the customers are using for search.

• Analyzing these keywords for their potential in affecting the rankings and use them accordingly with simplest and highly used pattern of keywords.

• Complete SEO implementation on each page of your website

• A strategy to build spam-free linking of your website to other real websites of your industry with high focus on quality of outgoing as well as incoming links

• Leveraging social media platforms to create “incoming social links” as Search Engines are giving much importance to it in their ranking strategy

SEO is not only about improving the ranking but more about gaining the credibility that comes with being featured in top results. We are committed to make your business get to the next stage with our complete Search Engine Marketing solutions. We have the best team in the market which will analyze your business and determine how to answer your customers’ questions, address their concerns and provide them great content.