Print Media

The technology is evolving! However, the print media is still popular amongst the masses. Advertising using print and signs is a significant tool for marketing, even today. The print media includes newspaper, billboard, magazines, flyers, brochures, newsletters and other publications. With these publications, there are two types of functions: reporting and editing. Reporters are writers or columnists who investigate a noteworthy concept or event and write on it. An editor edits the content and then sends it for publication.

Print media is one of the oldest and fundamental forms of mass communication. A print media alerts the public in significant way. Many a times, paid advertisements are neglected by people. However, a story or advertisement by an independent author is trusted by them. The contribution of print media to the people is remarkable since old days when technology hardly existed. Even today, the print media has not lost its charm. In true sense, print media has a significant impact on the mind of readers with more in-depth analysis.

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Print media are not restricted to newspaper only. Magazines or newsletter are also part of the print media. To name a few well known magazines like Filmfare, Champak, Grihashobha, Outlook, etc. Magazines and other weeklies are published at a regular interval.

After the arrival of printing nearly 600 hundred years ago, print media was the only way for communication. Print media has witnesses the brave acts of our freedom fighters. It has helped to spread the spirit of freedom and love for country through countrymen.

Today, electronic media is evolving. Let us understand the difference between electronic and print media. For print media, literacy amongst masses is required. However, in case of electronic media, illiterate people can also use it or take advantage of it. Here, motion pictures and animation come to help us! Print media is a deadline oriented media. For example, the morning newspaper covers all events or news till the midnight of previous date. In case of electronic media, there is no deadline. In print media, there is a scope of in-depth analysis, whereas in case of electronic media, such scope is very negligible. In print media, live discussions or interactions are not possible but in case of electronic media, both the things are encouraged and possible. Language in print media is more flowery, formal and reader-friendly, but in case of electronic media, it may be informal and more user-friendly. Frequent update of news are not possible, in case of print media, whereas in case of electronic media, frequent updates are possible like after every 60 minutes or so. Print media is an affordable media as compared to electronic media. It can be carried anywhere quiet easily as compared to electronic media. Of course, due to rise of technology, even electronic media are also easy to carry.

Print media is an effective tool and it will never be out of use under any circumstances. It is useful especially in remote places where technology has not reached or infrastructural developments are poor. Print media is an assured means and it has legal significance also.