Search Engine Marketing

One aspect that you cannot downplay in today’s highly competitive online market is Search Engine Marketing. It is all the way more important for you, if you are a new entrant and your competitors have a well-established market share. Even for the existing players, who missed out on the importance they should have given to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, Search Engine Marketing is a great way to project you, at front.

Paid Advertising

It is the most effective way to bring your business in customer’s notice when they are looking for related products with keywords related to your business. Even if you rank low in the result returned by the search engine, you can use Paid Advertising to stay on the top of results or feature prominently in sidebar. This advertising model is based on “Pay per Click” (ppc) campaign. Hence, it is the best way to attract new customers to your business and that too very quickly.

Pay Per Click Marketing


To ensure that we do not miss even a small section of your targeted customers, we analyze both the desktop as well as mobile ads to reach to your customer no matter where they are located. We employ all the available tactics strategically such as display or banner ads, ad extensions, remarking or retargeting, phone call tracking, and even Facebook or Twitter ads.

Target Search Engines

As the Search Engine market place is dominated by Google, with almost 80% of the market share, we focus our efforts on Google AdWords- the paid advertising mode associated with Google. It projects your brand or company under Sponsored Links whenever a customer enters keywords related to your business. It is a pay per click model and significantly boosts your website traffic with customers looking for products that you offer.

However, it does not mean that we overlook the Yahoo or Microsoft users who use Bing as their search engine. We give more than enough attention to this customer base too as we understand that your potential customer are everywhere. We use Bing Ads – the Pay per Click (ppc) model offered by Bing, which is similar to Google Adwords, while dealing with customers who are on Yahoo or Microsoft networks.

Facebook Ads

This is the most effective way to get your hands on the ideal profile of your targeted customer base. This helps you to pinpoint your audience who are more likely to be interested in your ads rather than paid advertisements on search engines where your ad is sponsored to the user no matter his taste is according to the product or services that you are offering.

Facebook ads offer the unique advantage of micro-psychographic targeting your customer base i.e. presenting your ads only to a select age group, area or locality, hobbies and habits etc. This results in a better pool of potential customers who will be genuinely interested in your products and services.

Retargeting / Remarketing

This technique marks your customer when they visit your website as someone who is interested in your products or services. So a cookie is placed in the customer’s browser so that you can personalize the ad for that customer and follow him around the web for days or even weeks after his visit.