Email Marketing

Email Marketing continues to be the most cost-effective marketing channel for marketing your products or services. Search Engine advertising or social media campaigning may be charming and attractive way to gain customer’s attention yet they have still a long way to go, when it comes to delivering results in real world marketing consistently.An effective email marketing strategy is not only a great way to regularly connect to your customers but also lets you track and measure the customers’ behavior especially when it comes to getting feedback to launch of new products and services. On the other hand, with a poor email marketing strategy, your email might just land into the customers’ Junk or Spam folder and your campaign will be totally ineffective. However, our experience says that a good understanding of business sense will always get you a good marketing strategy.

We have highly experienced team of experts who will work closely with you to enhance your ongoing email campaigns or help you in starting a new one as part of your vision. We have not kept us associated with any particular vendor and our strategies are completely vendor independent. This gives us the freedom to work with all the popular software applications that are used for email marketing such as Dotmailer, Silverpop, MailChimp, Eloqua etc.

Email Marketing


Expect Email Success

• Maximizing the Return on Investment (RoI) on your email marketing campaigns

• Enriching the design and content of the email

• Strategy for developing and implementing trigger and sequential email campaigns

• Understanding the email subscribers’ behavior and engagement

• Reducing the count of unopened emails, bounces and un-subscriptions

• Improving the deliverability on your emails

• Improving your current email service implementation, or devising your migration plans to a new one

• Creating a dashboard for tracking and generating reports

Why Go for Silver Ties Design Studios?

You need an expert in email marketing.

Any direct marketing channel is tough to manage and with email marketing the challenges are more direct. Starting from preventing your email ads from getting filtered as spam to arousing curiosity in your customer to opening the email and not letting it lie unopened in the inbox, to an exciting content that the customers’ click on and come to your website and check out the products and services that you offer – this needs expert planning and execution. We offer one-end solution to all your needs right from distribution services to creating exciting designs and content and also improving the conversion rate.

The Silver-Ties team understands the importance of communication.

If and whenever you have any concerns or doubts regarding your email marketing campaign, our specialists are only a phone call away to provide you the assistance. We are more than happy to discuss and track the campaign success and help you with any other query that you might have.

Silver-Ties won’t bore you with techie technical jargon.

We understand that our customers are more interested in getting a practical business advice when they approach us. We believe in keeping things simple and not bamboozle you with email jargon that should be our concern. Our discussion with you will always be in plain English.